Megan Fox, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

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Megan Fox is out. Is she over, too?

There's plenty of evidence about what happens in Hollywood when an actor walks away from a hot property, as Fox says she did from Transformers 3.

And the verdict is?

A hung jury. Consider the following examples:

1. Katherine Heigl, the rash: Like Fox, who likened Transformers director Michael Bay to Hitler, Heigl badmouthed Grey's Anatomy and generally made it a question of when, not if, she would bail on the show. And we all know where Heigl's attitude got her, don't we? Yup, a place among the industry's highest-paid actresses.

2. Katherine Heigl, the wise: Unlike Fox, Heigl burned her bridges after building an emergency-exit ramp with box-office hits such as Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. Fox departs the Transformers franchise after, um, Jennifer's Body. Now, Fox does have Jonah Hex coming out June 18. And if that rocks, then maybe she keeps rolling. But if it doesn't, then maybe we start talking about…

3. David Caruso, the stupid: We know this never, ever gets brought up, but back in the 1990s, Caruso left buzz hit NYPD Blue after one star-making season in order to make a bunch of movies nobody saw. This would not be a desirous scenario for Ms. Fox, who may want to consider joining a fan club for CSI: Miami, the long-running prime-time hit starring…

4. David Caruso, the cat with nine lives: 'Nuff said.

5. Hot women, the unpredictable: Admittedly, it looks bad for Fox. She's best known for two things: being hot and being hot in the Transformers movies. In the past two weeks, she's lost both distinctions, first, being deposed by Katy Perry atop Maxim's Hot 100 list, and then, well, you know. Now, left to survive on nothing but her wits and talent, Fox is over—right?

Not necessarily.

Jessica Lange used to be considered a hottie who couldn't act—until she won two Oscars. Pamela Anderson used to be considered a one-trick bathing suit—until she showed one trick's all you need if it's a good one. Or, in Anderson's case, two good ones. You just never know.

At this point for Fox, an uncertain future sure beats a doomed one.

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