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The Last Real Man in Hollywood

We started with 64 of Hollywood's manliest men. Action stars, old school classics, rom-com dreamboats—you name it, we had him. We quickly ditched 62 of those fine fellahs who didn't quite have what it took to be The Last Real Man in Hollywood.

So say hello—and yummo—to your final two studs, battling it out for the title of LRM:

Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp. Of course, as we're sure you already stopped to gawk at their mucho delicious pictures.

Yep, the Aussie was unstoppable once again as he managed to wrangle more votes than Robert Downey Jr. and end RDJ's brief comeback streak ('tho, after seeing Iron Man 2, we're not too disappointed—the movie had a bad case of New Moon-itis—you know, it sucked).

As for Johnny?

Well, he's been a top contender since the start—poor Matt Damon didn't stand a chance, tasty as he may be.

But if we've learned one thing throughout this competition, it's that the favorites (Leo DiCaprio, Jake G. and Denzel Washington to name a few of Team Awful's) don't always nab the votes, and that you gals 'n' guys are full of surprises, like early losses for Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and—hello!—R.Pattz.

Still cannot get over the latter. Super sad face here at AT.

OK, so, who's it going to be? Aussie hunk Jackman, with his rippling muscles and sexy-as-hell accent, or über-talented Depp, with his air of mystery and charmingly quirky personality?

Which guy makes you weak in the knees and excited in the yummy tummy? Which fellow has that je ne sais quoi that takes your gasping breath away? OK, enough with the stupid Stephenie Meyer wording, sure you all get the idea of what you've got to do next.

Tell us: Who is the Last Real Man in Hollywood? Vote and check back Monday to see which guy nabbed the title in what we're sure will be the closest vote yet.

Last Real Man—The Finals!
Who is the studliest man of them all?
Thanks for playing!
Check back Monday, May 24 to see which guy is crowned the winner!
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