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We never lost our love for the Jonas Brothers (especially Nick, obviously). But for a few secs there, our Disney-loving hearts feared the band of brothers was totally over, replaced by pint-size pimp Justin Bieber.

But no more!

While the Biebs caused a stir at the Grove in Los Angeles recently, it was nothing compared to the all-out mayhem of the JoBros' concert last weekend—we're talking mothers fearing for their children's lives, screams loud enough to break eardrums and enough pig-tailed tweens to make a hungover twentysomething just looking for some grub want to barf. Translation: They're back.

Biebs sure is some stiff competition—especially where he used to reign, the ever-important Twitter trending topics. While J.B. has been bumped from King of the T.T.s, we've spotted Nick popping up the past few days.

Could the return of the JoBros mean the end of Justin Bieber?

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