Gemma Arterton, Jake Gyllenhaal

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"That je ne sais quoi."

Prince of Persia's British beauty Gemma Arterton (dressed to majorly impress in a nude gown at Monday's Prince of Persia premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre) on what makes her costar Jake Gyllenhaal so damn sexy.

Is that French for "he's got a six pack that will make you drool and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of"?

Nope, it translates to "That, I don't know." But the striking babe isn't confused—far from it if the sexy biting of her finger she gave after letting slip the French phrase tells us anything.

The saying's more "it's unexplainable," if you will.

Might we give you a few suggestions, Gem? Besides that aforementioned killer bod, Jake's goofball 'tude (when he's not trying too hard to be Hollywood) and dimples for days are total turn-ons. Hey, the dude may be a dating disaster, but, we can't help but love him.

And can we just say how much we hate Gemma? She's pretty drop-dead gorge herself (she's definitely got a helluva lot of je ne sais quoi and then some) and she's racked up onscreen time with the hottest dudes in the buis: Jakey-poo, Sam Worthington, and Daniel Craig. No!

Who's next? It's like G.A.'s sitting at home checking unattainable guys off her own Last Real Man checklist.

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