Pete Wentz, Bronx Mogli

Juan Sharma;

Everyone left scratch-free. The car wasn't quite so lucky.

Bronx Wentz, the 1½-year-old son of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-wentz, was unscathed following a car accident in Los Angeles' Coldwater Canyon today.

"It was a minor fender-bender and everyone is fine," a rep for the couple told E! News.

There are no details yet on the cause of the accident, though neither star parent was in the vehicle at the time—rather it was Bronx's nanny who was behind the wheel. But it certainly didn't take long for the concerned parents to hightail it over to the scene of the accident...

The couple roared up to the site of the collision, and while Ashlee remained in the vehicle, Papa Wentz rushed over to collect his unharmed son and speak with the nanny about the accident.

There was obvious damage to the front left side of the nanny's vehicle, though it's unclear if she was hit or the one doing the hitting.

Regardless, the rattled trio quickly (though not speed-limit-breaking quickly) made their way back home.

—Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz

(Originally published May 18, 2010, at 1:33 p.m. PT)

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