You're welcome, America!

I just caught up with the always amazing Hugh Laurie, who not only talked about what it was like shooting last night's incredibly fantastic finale of House, but gave up this little bomb for you American Idol fans:

He's totally not averse to the idea of replacing Simon Cowell!

It was all in good fun, but you should see how charming and great Hugh is in person.

And in all seriousness, Hugh would not be a bad choice at all to step in for Simon, whose replacement on Idol will be announced this summer according to Fox president Kevin Reilly. Not only is Hugh British and tells it like it is, he's already on Fox and is a talented musician who plays multiple instruments. Done and done!

Can we start a campaign now? Major brownie points to the first fan to head up a Make Hugh the New Simon Facebook page. Hey, it worked for Betty White.

What do you think of Hugh as the next Simon? And how did you like last night's House finale? Are you Team Huddy?

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