Josh Jackson Is So Down for Vampire Diaries-Fringe Crossover

Plus, huge Fringe finale scoop you just can't miss: "The last scene, you'll go, 'Oh, no!'"

By Megan Masters May 20, 2010 4:05 PMTags

If Pacey Witter pops up in Mystic Falls, we'll probably implode right then and there. Seriously, that's just too much CW hotness—of both the classic and newbie variety—in one tiny town. That'd be amazing, right?! And get this, Joshua Jackson is totally onboard for a Vampire Diaries visit...

That is, of course, as long as his newest Fringe fella Peter can tag along.

For the record, we'll accommodate any and all of Josh's requests to make this happen. So Pacey, Peter, we don't care! Just get yourself back to Capeside.

When Kristin pitched the whole Vampire Diaries idea to Josh this week, an idea that came directly from Ms. Show Runner Extraordinaire herself Julie Plec, Josh was totally game. "She actually mentioned it to me and I would love to! That's going back to my roots, with both Julie and Kevin Williamson—who I know a little bit, too," he joked of his longtime boss.

Explained Josh: "I would happily do it, it's just a time issue." And then a brilliant idea popped in his head...with a little help from Kristin, of course. "Maybe in the alternate universe, Peter's a vampire in Atlanta." Problem solved! So Julie, J.J. Abrams, start working on this, please!

Meanwhile, that non-Lost alterna-world Josh is referring to comes to a head in tonight's Fringe finale. "The last hour is a pretty kickass hour of television," he promises, "and all those things you need to see to have that be a complete story all come to fruition."

But warning: "We leave the show on a pretty momentous cliffhanger." Adds John Noble (Walter): "The last scene, you'll go, 'Oh, no!'"

Josh told us that "it's possible" Peter may stay in the alt-universe. "It's purposely unresolved at the end of the season. Peter's torn between his loyalties."

Are you game for some Josh Jackson on Vampire Diaries action? Worried about the Fringe finale? Comment below and let us know what you think!


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