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Jon Hamm doesn't want to be your Facebook friend. Okay, maybe he does, but he doesn't want you to let that make you lose sight of real relationships and the things that are really important in the world.

"We live in a moment in time right now where people have a lot of information about a lot of people, kind of instantly, but it's all sort of surface information and it doesn't really mean anything," Hamm told E! News yesterday at the press conference for Shrek Forever After.

"The things that [fellow castmates Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers, Antonio Banderas, Eddie Murphy and Craig Robinson] were talking about, about what they love and what they hold dear and what they feel strongly about, are things that are kind of unquantifiable, and aren't on your Twitter feed or your Facebook page or your instant messenger," he continued. "It's truly getting to know people and understanding them and having a relationship with them and trusting them and being vulnerable."

Consummate nice-guy Hamm is nothing if not in touch with what he loves and what he is grateful for. "I love having the opportunity to do what I love to do. The idea of taking that for granted…is similar to not appreciating the people that you share your life with or that you love. And that's what Shrek and Fiona go through," Hamm explained.

In Shrek Forever After, Shrek grows a little tired of his dull domestic life with Fiona and their triplets, and as a result finds himself faced with the prospect of possibly losing them forever. Hamm plays Fiona's right-hand resistance ogre, Brogan. "I don't know why the character I play on TV would necessarily lend itself to be the first choice to be an animated character," he beamed, "But when it came my way…the pure fan of me was like, ‘I'll go play somebody who talks backwards, on top of his head, turned around, I don't even care.'"

Speaking of that little TV show of his, Hamm is back shooting season four of Mad Men. So what is sexy ‘60s lothario Don Draper getting up to this season? Hamm isn't giving up too many secrets, but he sure does make it sound exciting. "You can't go back in time. Everything has a consequence, and the last episode of the last season is no exception."

But Jon, when does it pick up? Right where the other one left off or do you leap ahead some years? "You'll find that out when you see it, but it's not the next day. That's all I'll say."

Oh, Don Draper. Whatever you say is fine by me.

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