Bridget Marquardt: Will Beau Put a Ring on It?

Reality starlet tells us she and her director beau Nick Carpenter have discussed taking their relationship to the next level

By Marc Malkin, Dahvi Shira May 15, 2010 3:31 PMTags
Bridget Marquardt, Nick CarpenterBrandon Hickman / E! Entertainment

Bridget Marquardt may soon have more than just a new reality show to celebrate. The Girls Next Door alum and her live-in beau Nick Carpenter have talked about taking their relationship to the next level. "We are looking into that," Ms. Marquardt told us when we asked if we can expect to see him put a ring on it.

"Nick told me to tell you he already went to Zales," she added with a chuckle.

"Nick told me to tell you he already went to Zales," she added with a chuckle.

All jokes aside, Ms. Marquardt says she's already taken charge of picking out the ring designer because she doesn't want to have to worry about hating the bauble.

"I see a lot of ugly rings on people and I think, eew, I wouldn't want that," the former Girls Next Door star said. "Some of them are so gaudy with so many different diamonds on them. I'd want something very clean."

For now, the most important bling on Marquardt's mind is The Bridget Watch, her and celebrity jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad's new collection of timepieces set for release June 2.

So if Mouawad was asked to design an engagement ring for Marquardt and Carpenter, what would he do? "Bridget likes bigger stones, so I'd go for something bigger over smaller," he told us. "But something simple and more classical, with a little twist of fashion to it."

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