Does it really have to end?

That was the feeling last night at the Lost Live: Finale Celebration in Los Angeles, as hundreds of die-hard fans gathered to meet the cast, experience the hit series' amazing musical score live via symphony and screen next week's episode.

So could there be more life to Lost—a movie, a spinoff, a Broadway musical...something? And what can you expect from the series finale next Sunday? Here's the scoop I got exclusively on the red carpet from Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Josh Holloway, Michael Emerson, Daniel Dae Kim, Henry Ian Cusick, Malcolm David Kelley (Walt!) and more...

Don't hold your breath for a movie. "The chances are very little," Lost boss Carlton Cuse told me when I asked about the chances for a movie or spinoff someday. "We don't have any intentions of doing that. This is the story we wanted to tell and it ends next Sunday night, and we were incredibly grateful that we got a chance to do it."

How about Darlton working together on another Lost-like show? "The thing that made Lost, Lost," Damon Lindelof explained, "was the idea of doing something different and unique and the idea was special and unexpected. We could never even try to replicate this thing. We would both die happy if Lost is the greatest television achievement of either of our careers. I hope we work together again, but who knows what it'll be."

As for the May 23 series finale, Jorge Garcia had this to say to you fans: "If we satisfied everyone, it will be a shock. I was extremely satisfied when I read the finale. I cried reading it. There was moment in the finale that kinda touched me, and everyone in the room felt the air change and there were tears streaming down my face. I think it'll make people cry."

And Daniel Dae Kim (still made of awesome sauce) promised fans that there will be more to Jin and Sun. "That will be addressed in some way in the finale, and I'm curious to hear what the fans have to say about it afterward."



So how about the chances that some of you die-hard fans were right, and Juliet's (Elizabeth Mitchell) dying words about going dutch for coffee with Sawyer will pan out in the Sidways world? When asked if he'll meet Juliet for cup of Joe, Josh Holloway laughed and said, "Sure! Of course, she's fabulous! I'm sure I can borrow money from her or something." [Sidenote: Damon Lindelof admitted onstage at the event: "I'm a Jater." Brave man! And for the record, despite all the, er, colorful mail I've gotten lately, I'm not.]

Sonya Walger revealed we will see more Penny. When asked what will happen with Penny and Desmond, she told me, "The ending is emotionally very satisfying and very true to the spirit of the show."

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) said of his character's recent change in demeanor: "He's in a good place, or thinks he's in a good place and he's a little zenned out."

Perhaps as Lost's most capable time traveler, he's already seen a happy ending? (Goosebumps.)

Rebecca Mader (always a good time) hinted we will see her character Charlotte again before the series ends and joked that she dropped the phone and ran to the airport when she got the call to come back to Lost to make out with Sawyer (Josh Holloway). "I'm coming!" she quipped. "I'll just be in Hawaii for whenever you need me for that!"

Malcolm David Kelley (Walt) told me he still gets recognized even though he's now 18 and taller than Damon (!), as Damon pointed out—but wouldn't say whether we'll see Walt again. Still so mysterious, that little bugger.

Lost, Michael Emerson


And it was Michael Emerson who gave the best finale tease (one that certainly made some of us on the press line go "Hmmm..."). When asked if he'd prefer Ben to end up in the Sideways world or Island world when the series ends, he mused: "Luckily, and I have to tell you I am so completely satisfied with how Ben ends up, we don't have to make the choice between those two."

Say whosey whatsey what now?

As for the No. 1 most-asked question via my Twitter account last night, Damon and Carlton declined to answer why Jacob can leave the Island but the Man in Black can't, with Carlton telling me: "We're not going to tell you what you will and won't know in the finale. The finale is much less about the mythology of the show and much more about the character resolutions. How do these character stories end and what happens to the people? That's what Lost is about."

After seeing next week's episode, I can tell you that the show is most definitely moving forward at a much faster pace for the final two episodes, and the penultimate ep does not disappoint—both on and off the Island. (You'll also get to see how Michael Emerson got that shiner in real life.)

Any theories on how Lost will end? Are you ready to see it go?

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