Diddy: Chocolate Man

Diddy partners with M&M's for summer party

By Andrew Genser May 17, 2010 7:05 PMTags
Sean 'Diddy' CombsJohn M. Heller/Getty Images

It used to be that Sean "Diddy" Combs and M&M's had one thing in common: Both of their best friends were murdered. Diddy, of course, lost Notorious B.I.G. when he was shot to death. And M&M's lost the Clark Bar when he was found impaled with an ice pick in a Russian bath house.

But now, they have two things in common. That's because Diddy is teaming with M&M's to produce a special "M&M's Color Party." Fans can vote on their favorite M&M color, and Diddy will use that color as the theme for his party this summer.

And in regards to the previously mentioned Clark Bar murder: If anyone has any information as to the whereabouts of Baby Ruth, please contact your local authorities. Ruth was last seen fleeing the bath house with 10 kilos of uncut sugar. Be aware, he is armed and delicious. If spotted, eat on sight. Unless diabetic.

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