Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains


"Russell is the biggest villain this game has ever seen."

This is the highest compliment Micronesia champion Parvati could pay to her Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains tribemate. But was she describing her partner—or her adversary?

As Jerri said, "this camp has turned into crazytown," and after tonight's episode we don't have a clue who its mayor is—only that one of the residents has finally outworn their welcome...

The third time was not the charm at tonight's Tribal Council for Rupert. At least he left feeling like a winner, because there was no chance he could outwit, outplay or outlast the dominant Villains. (Sorry, Colby!)

Rupert Boneham, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Robert Voets/CBS

"Loose Lips Sink Ships": This season's hackneyed nautical references have long surpassed their expiration date—including (especially?) the pirate. Rupert himself knows he is "not destined to win Survivor"—he's too busy playing a caricature to focus on playing the game itself. He sabotaged himself by not only betraying Russell but impersonating Paul Bunyan at the firepit. His "loud, obnoxious, selfish and totally inconsiderate" woodchopping rivaled only his infamous sand shelter in the annals of Survivor stupidity.

Game On: Russell said "a switch went off in [his] head" when Danielle revealed her superclose bond with Parvati, but nobody is more on than the Samoa runner-up. Even with the arrival of his wife, Melanie, he didn't let his guard down. For all his bluster (more wounded pride than anything) about Jerri passing him over for the reward, I believe he realized the distraction would threaten his focus. Rupert, on the other hand, succumbed to another sick-making slobber sesh with his wife, Laura, but at least we weren't subjected to another NSFW grindfest à la their All-Stars reunion. When it comes to this guy, we prefer our PDA in the form of a Palm Pre, thankyouverymuch.

Sandra, Russell, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

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Comfort Zone: After more than a month of biting her lip, it is a delight to see Sandra finally mouth off to Russell. She called his bluff twice, openly declaring she was "against" him and asserting that she, too, was comfortable with her position in the game. "Why should I not be comfortable?" Why indeed? She managed to keep her hidden Immunity Idol secret from everyone, and—except for a scary moment when she said, "I'd rather not use it; that's how confident I am that I am not going home"—didn't risk leaving with the Idol in her pocket bra. I hope she makes it to the final three just to see if her parting words to Rupert come true: "I'll write your name again, and if I'm up there in the final three you'll still give me the million-dollar vote." That would prove that Sandra is both incredibly underrated and deserves two million dollars.


If it's not Colby or Russell I'll eat Colby's hat.

Survivor INSIDER

I am going inside...the finale! After 19 seasons of biting my nails in front of my TV at home, this Sunday I'll be in the live audience as Jeff tallies the final votes. I have no intention of booing Jerri, so don't blame me if she storms out again during a commercial break. (What happens during the commercials? I can't wait to find out!) No PDAs are allowed in the theater—not even a Sprint Palm Pre—so come back here Monday morning for all the inside scoop from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.

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