Sienna Miller, Jude Law

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Martin Fraser/Getty Images

"They're in love."

—A close pal to Jude Law about the recently rekindled couple.

Sure, we'd happy to believe the two sexy stars will make it in the long run—they're absolutely perfect for each other, after all—but we don't see Sienna rocking a wedding dress anytime soon (she's much more suited for the low cut minis, don't you think?).

That's not to say...

...we don't believe they're totally "in love" biz. We're sure at least half of the duo is convinced it's the real deal—or convinced himself, as it may be—but we know that what these horny Brits really love is drama (and lots of it).

Need we remind you of nannygate, that Balthazar Getty homewrecking fiasco, or a number of other tabloid-worthy incidents involving whoever is hopping into bed with one of these two at the time.

Hey, if they can get over their past—including mucho heartbreaks and not a whole helluva lot of ups in their roller coaster of a relaysh—then maybe they are in love, or something respectably akin to it.

Otherwise, we're in for another downward spiral, full of slutting, shaming and no one saying sorry—what can we say, we're hopeless romantics?

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