David Boreanaz

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David Boreanaz and his family are on lockdown.

Following Rachel Uchitel's statement earlier today that the erstwhile Angel "repeatedly expressed his deep love and affection" to her, sources tell E! News that neither the actor nor wife Jaime Bergman will address the allegations.

"Their attorneys have advised them not to speak and to let this whole thing blow over," one family insider said.

So what is going on inside casa Boreanaz?

The couple are continuing to work on repairing their marriage and log quality time with each other and their two children, multiple sources say.

Bergman's mom, Sue Scallion, told E! News, "They're doing well and just want to put this behind them."

Meanwhile, another source close to the clan says that Boreanaz's folks are now on the scene.

"David's parents are in town visiting, which was scheduled before all this, and they are just trying to get things back to normal," the source said. "They're hanging out with his family and sightseeing…moving on."

Boreanaz's folks are in from Philadelphia, where his dad, Dave Roberts, was a popular, longtime local TV weatherman.

A publicist for the Bones star has not returned calls seeking comment on the family or Uchitel's comments.

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