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Dear Ted:
You revealed that Lea Michele is Pat Poisonpuss and state that you still adore her despite her awful attitude and supreme diva status. Yet you use being a diva as a negative for certain other celebs like Angelina Jolie. Is this inconsistency just because of your personal preference, because Lea is the new "it" girl, or because Angie has other nastier Vices that you're not sharing with us? I won't be pimping out any adopted pets I have (or do not have) for a response. I love animals more than gossip!
—Confused By Ted

Dear Diva Dispute:
It's all about the context of the word, babe—like how bitch doesn't always have the nasty meaning it once did. As for Lea and Angie, they're in two totally different leagues of huffin' H'wood. Almost incomparable, at least when it comes to diva 'tude.

Dear Ted:
I heart Betty White! But, instead of getting her to host the Oscars, what about awarding her a Lifetime Achievement Oscar. This classy lady deserves it! Hollywood has a tendency of putting actresses out to pasture after they reach a certain age, but this woman has clearly broken the mold!

Dear Golden Oldie:
You're right, the funny lady does deserve it, but don't worry too much about B.W. She's having the time of her life right now—don't think she's too worried about some stupid award, she knows she's golden. But, remember, she's really more TV than big-screen, career-wise.

Dear Ted:
So, I was wondering...could Me-Me Dallas maybe be Rihanna? Love your column, BTW. You're awesome!

Dear Me Thinks:
Nope. Sorry, babe, but that's one of the most interesting Vice guesses I've ever gotten! Think more, uh, young.

Dear Ted:
Have you seen this vid? I don't know on what part I should comment first, Jake's very "unique" way to move on the dance-floor, his special way to make moves on these ladies, or the fact that "someone" (let's pretend it's not his publicist) recorded it in a probably very private party. What do you think?

Dear Dancing Diva:
Hate to say it, but I thought Jake's moves (whether booze-fuelled or not) were adorable. Can't hate the guy for having fun, right? Plus, now we know if this acting thing doesn't work out, he can always pop up on Dancing With The Stars.

Dear Ted:
Can you please give me a hint on James Franco's Blind Vice? He is such a great actor and super hot! Thanks a bunch, love ya!

Dear Being Franc:
Let's just say one of J.F.'s Vicey qualities is how tedious he is. Deliciously so, of course.

Dear Ted:
I might be going out on a limb here but have Dancing with the Stars favorites ever been Blind Vices? And by favorites, I mean Erin Andrews, Evan Lysacek, Chad Ochocinco, and Nicole Scherzinger. They all seem to get along—at least when Kate Gosselin was gone—but could a dirty past be lurking in the background?

Dear Dirty Dancing Deets:
Nope, none of those folks have made their way into the BV hall of fame—but not for a lack of trying, trust.

Dear Ted:
Is Adam Lambert Nevis Devine?

Dear C'mon:
Clearly not, Adam hasn't kept his guy-loving ways a secret since he ditched Idol. Think much less out there, gay-wise.

Dear Ted:
Why are you picking on Lea Michelle so much? Stop being such a hater.

Dear Lea's Rep:
Don't hate the babe at all, clearly—just want her to nip this nasty 'tude in the toosh before it outshines her talent. Is that so wrong of me?

Dear Ted:
Watched Glee the other night. Loved it, as always except for one thing: Why only a kiss on the cheek for Mercedes and Puck? All the other characters get full-on make outs (Finn and Rachel, Puck and Quinn, Will and Emma, even Brittany and Kurt), why didn't these two? Racism? Fat-ism? Both? What's the deal? Any thoughts?

Dear Over Thinking:
Assuming it was more plot-related—as the two were just fakin' it, H'wood showmance style—and didn't have any more sinister meaning. This is freaking Glee after all—the happiest show, ever.

Dear Ted:
I got so excited when I saw that Robert Downey Jr. has a BV! I just love him and I can't help but wonder if his BV has anything to do with his wife. Or is she really an angel like he says she is?

Dear Duh:
You were really shocked RDJ had a BV, even after all the dirt we've found out about him? Really? And let's just say the wife knows of her man's stuff, though it hardly involves her—at least, not directly.

Dear Ted:
, R.Pattz, Jensen Ackles—shag, marry, throw off a cliff? Love ya, Ted!

Dear Tough Choice:
Why don't you make me whether I'd want to lose my right and left arm, Steph. That would be an easier choice to make. But, fine: shag them all and then throw myself off a cliff.

Dear Ted:
I am very disappointment by the drama going on with Summit and the cast. I was (and still am) one of those people that hated the idea of a new Victoria and I don't want that happening with Ashley and Kellan. Also has Ashley ever been a BV? She seems like the kind that could have something to hide.
—Twi Drama

Dear Summit Stinks:
I don't want to see the flick dump Ash or Kell either, but Summit isn't playing games when it comes to basically glorified extras (they're no Robsten after all). Sad to say these two are expendable in the studio's eyes, which sucks. Why not fork out the dough and give these two some scenes already, Summit?

Dear Ted:
I just want to go on record regarding this Newsweek brouhaha, and I responded when I first read it on Twitter: Sexy is Sexy is Sexy. Talented is Talented is Talented. I'm a straight woman, and I knew Jonathon Groff was gay. Did not care! He's so smoking hot, such an amazing singer and I melt when he's on screen. Seriously, so many women I know could care less about someone's sexual orientation, and more about who they are as a person. That article was deplorable for a lot of reasons; although it did bring to light what you say here all the time about why stars stay in the closet to keep up their marketability, which is just sad.

Dear Well Said:
Agreed, E—both on the not caring part and thinking Groff is totally sexy.

Dear Ted:
Have Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris gotten married yet?

Dear RSVP:
Ask me Monday.

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