Tyra Banks: Novelist?

The talk show host wants to prove she learned how to write

By Andrew Genser May 13, 2010 3:35 PMTags
Tyra BanksBen King/startraksphoto.com

Tyra Banks has decided that supermodel, talk-show host, executive producer and world-class narcissist just aren't enough titles for her. That's why she's adding "novelist" to that list. Yes, Tyra announced that she will be writing a book, to be called Modelland

We here at the Soup blog have received an advance copy of said book. And now, we'd like to present an excerpt...

Chapter 1: "Me. Myself. I. We all went shopping today. 'Me!' I said. I laughed. 'You are funny,' I said to me. 'That's true,' myself confirmed. 'I should write a book.' Myself totally agreed. 'Now leave me alone,' I said. 'I need some me time.' Me end."

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