Emma Watson

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The Internet wouldn't be the Internet without an actress' head superimposed on someone else's naked body.

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So for one of these faked shots to make news in 2010, it's got to be—what?—extra nude? Let's see.

Presenting the curious case of Emma Watson.

Today's U.K. Sun reported the Harry Potter star was "call[ing] in her lawyers" over a bogus nude in which, the actress' rep was quoted as saying, "the angle of her face is physically impossible with the body in that position."

So it's like all the other "nude" celeb pics on the Internet?

Or was it possible, considering all the stories the Sun story inspired, that there was something different about this faked nude? Something worse?

More of the same, actually, Watson's camp tells us.

"It's clearly a fake, and to be frank this happens with some frequency—i.e., mischief makers putting these things together, and then leaking them onto the web," the rep told E! News today in an email.

So, why the headlines?

It sounds like Team Watson is wondering the same thing.

"This really is a nonstory," the rep said. "I am just surprised anyone is giving this the time of day as I have seen the image, and it's clearly a fake."

Yes, like all the other "nude" celeb pics on the Internet.

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