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We know why the True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård is so hot (that Swedish swagger, deelish bod and nonchalant almost bisexual attitude), so why then, do some of his castmates poke fun at our fave TV vamp?

While at the Victoria's Secret What Is Sexy party last night at the W Hotel in Hollywood, only one thing came to mind when we tried to answer that question: because of his womanizing ways, of course.

"We do, we tease him," joked Skarsgård's Blood costar Carrie Preston. "In the makeup trailer we'll have all the magazines out and there will be photos of him with [a new girl] or some funny Q&A, so we have to razz him."

Surely she doesn't mean a Q&A like the one we did with Alex back at the Golden Globes where we tried our best to get sexy Skars to fess up about his love life (for the record, he said he was single, but then went home with current fling Kate Bosworth).

So how does Skarsgård react to being the quasi cast punching bag?

"Oh he's totally cool," 'fessed Carrie. "He's just adorable."

Adds Rutina Wesely, another main player on True Blood:

"Well I let [Alex] alone! He's a great, great guy. He gets teased enough!"

No argument there, on the great guy or adorable part. We heart him! And glad A.S. knows how to have some fun and not get all Vampire Eric on the cast. Could Lea Michele say the same? We kid, we kid.

The girls stayed mum for the most part when reporters tried to talk Skarsworth, respecting that A.S. likes to keep his private life private.

"We try to stay away from actually reading [the tabloids]," Wesley added. "That can really get to your head. Some people say really mean things."

Nothing mean to say here about any of the True Blood folks. Love 'em all and dying (no pun intended) for June 13 to get here already when Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Skarsgård and the whole gang return for our viewing pleasure on HBO.

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