Lady Gaga

AP Photo/dapd/Berthold Stadler

Lady Gaga showed up to the Platinum Awards in Berlin yesterday in what looks like a big  trash bag, heel-less shoes and a matching veil.

And instead of wow, our reaction was more like yawn.

Now, don't get us wrong...

The singer gets loads of credit for creating her controversial style and building her image around costumes involving teacups, lobster headpieces and onesies, among other things—she's definitely raised the stage-style bar in Hollywood.

But is anybody surprised by the bodysuits, lace veils and Hefty Cinch Sak couture anymore? Not really. The shock value has worn off.

So maybe it's time to change it up, but where does Gaga go from here? Considering what she's done sartorially so far, we're sure the Lady's got the creative juices to think of something new and fierce.

What do you think? Should Lady Gaga change up her look?

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