The disco ball is so close, the celebs can see it twinkling in the distance.

But that light was snuffed out for one more on Tuesday, leaving four hot-footed celebs to hoof it out in next week's semifinal on Dancing With the Stars.

Sixteen points separated first-place Nicole Scherzinger and last-place Niecy Nash after last night's two-apiece performance show. But thought it might as well have been 100 points as far as skill sets go, we fans know darn well that prowess doesn't always equal popularity, and anyone can go at any time.

Not that prowess doesn't matter.

After an impressive, refreshingly upbeat run, Niecy missed the semifinals by thismuch.

The Clean House host was obviously disappointed, but, as always, her personality hit all the right beats.

"I am a 40-year-old mother of three, I've got three C-sections under my belt," Niecy said in expressing how happy she was to have come this far.

"I was able to survive in this competition this long with fantastic people. With the fact that I can't hula-hoop with a Cheerio and I've been able to be one of the last women standing, I've had such a fantastic time being able to live out my dream up there."

Chad Ochocinco and the increasingly diamond-clad Cheryl Burke were also in the bottom two, but they shouldn't take it too hard. With only five people left, 40 percent of the competition was going to be in trouble.

Meanwhile, first-placers Nicole and Derek Hough were not only asked for an encore of last night's ultra-clever '50s paso doble, but they were immediately ushered off into semifinal safety, the producers perhaps not wanting to risk yet another emotional meltdown from the front-running singer. 

So next week, Nicole, Chad, Erin Andrews and Evan Lysacek continue their pursuit of the gold. Or, in this case, glitzy plastic.

Did America get it right?

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