Billy Baldwin Will Be Back for More Gossip Girl

After wreaking havoc at the end of this season, sources confirm the actor is returning next year

By Megan Masters May 11, 2010 10:15 PMTags
Blake Lively, Billy Baldwin, Gossip GirlGiovanni Rufino /The CW

Just when it looked like the Gossip Girl gang was safe from Serena's big bad dad, we've learned exclusively that  Billy Baldwin will definitely be back to wreak more havoc, à la Georgina Sparks.

So when will William van der Wooden return, and how long is he sticking around? Here's what we're hearing...

According to a very reliable source, the brilliant minds behind Gossip Girl are gearing up to have Billy return to the Upper East Side next season. Nothing is set in stone yet, and as of now it's still too early to say how he'll return—but after William's abrupt exit in last night's episode, there's still much to be resolved with ol' daddy dearest.

And sorry, all you Baldwin lovahs out there! We have it on good authority Billy won't be joining the series as a regular, but rather will be popping up here and there to stir up drama as needed—a fact that bodes well for the real-life father of three young'uns, who recently told us he'd love to join Gossip Girl full-time, but "I live in Santa Barbara, and they shoot in New York."

Thankfully, this Michelle Trachtenberg-esque come-and-go gig is perfect: "When I return, it's going to be Dr. Van der Woodsen coming in and having some fun," Billy teased recently. "I'm looking forward to seeing stuff beyond Serena, Lily, Rufus and Eric—to mixing it up with her friends and seeing how much trouble we can cause there."

Hear! Hear! Because seriously, some of the best stuff all season started when Billy infiltrated G.G., right?!

Everyone in favor of a Billy Baldwin return to Gossip Girl, sing your praises in the comments below. And those of you who aren't, tell us why. Then tune into the nutso G.G. finale Monday at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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