SYTYCD: Mia Michaels Gets Mary Murphy's Chair

Fox announces how judges table will change for the seventh season

By Kristin Dos Santos May 10, 2010 6:45 PMTags
Mia Michaels, So You Think You Can Dance Kelsey McNeal/FOX

Looks like Nigel Lythgoe is taking a page from his pals over at American Idol and subbing in a pixie-haired blonde for a long-locked brunette:

Fox just announced that Adam Shankman and Mia Michaels will serve as "resident judges" on So You Think You Can Dance this summer, along with executive producer Nigel Lythgoe.

So what about Mary Murphy?

Mary will no longer be a resident judge for the coming seventh season of So You Think You Can Dance, which kicks off May 27; however, she will continue on as a guest judge and choreographer. So we'll now see Adam and Mia every week at the almighty table of the "jidgis" (homage to Cat Deeley), and Mary...a little less.

When asked about some recent not-so-flattering press for Murphy, Nigel himself just told our own Marc Malkin, "I'm not worried about it. Mary Murphy is a fabulous judge. She knows what she's talking about and she speaks from the heart."

So we'll have a smidge less of Mary's heart—and hot tamale screams—in the new season.

Still, you fans have plenty to look forward to, as Michaels (who announced in October she was leaving SYTYCD) returns, along with returning faves as "All-Stars": Stephen "tWitch" Boss, Comfort Fedoke, Courtney Galiano, Anya Garnis, Lauren Gottlieb, Neil Haskell, Allison Holker, Mark Kanemura, Pasha Kovalev, Kathryn McCormick, Ade Obayomi and Dominic "D-trix" Sandoval.

We'll be talking to judges Nigel, Mia, Adam, and the All-Stars  tomorrow at a junket for season seven of SYTYCD, so if you have a Q, comment below or send it via Twitter to me @kristinalert.

Will you miss Mary and her hot tamale train at the judges table this summer?