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We've been told repeatedly by the brains behind The Big Bang Theory that Jim Parsons' Sheldon simply isn't a player in the game of love...so why bring in Blossom's Mayim Bialik as a "potential" love interest? And (Spoiler Alert) why did a source just spill that she'll be back--gasp!--next season?

We just scored the scoop from Mayim herself about whether or not Sheldon is becoming a "romantic lead"...

First off, trust us, Mayim is fully aware of the way-early backlash Sheldon, Shenny, even Lenny fans are throwing her way. "I don't mean to make fans angry, but I know some people are," she tells us with a little laugh. "But that's OK. They're allowed to be." She does offer some much-needed reassurance to BBTers worried about the change a potential gal-pal might make in the Sheldon we all know and love—emphasis on the word potential!

"The season finale really is just a tease of things to come," promises Mayim. "There is an exchange between Sheldon and [my character] Amy that is enough to convince him that maybe he should pursue this. It's not complicated yet. It's a tease at the end of this episode." But: "We want people wanting more."

That would explain why a very reliable source tells us Mayim will be back on BBT next year.

Mayim says there is a little spark between her character and Sheldon. "We meet through an online dating service," she spills. "Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) set it up. The scene has more than just me and Jim in it, but it's a very direct communication between us. It's very cute."

But for the record, Parsons' lovable brainiac is still the man we heart oh so much. "Sheldon is so beloved just the way he is. And Chuck Lorre wants to make sure that people know that Sheldon is not changing," says Mayim. "He's not becoming a romantic lead right now. People are either going to believe that he would be interested enough from this exchange to keep it going to next season or they won't."

And hey, there's always the option we'll all love Mayim on BBT.  She was cast as "the female version of Sheldon," so that's a possibility, right?

All in favor of Sheldon getting some sexytime, say aye! All opposed? Any opposed?! Let us know in the comments, folks, then tune into The Big Bang Theory tonight at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.

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