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We know you guys are loving The Last Real Man in Hollywood contest, 'cause you are voting and commenting like crazy, desperate for your main dude to make it onto the next round (which, speaking of, vote now in Round 3!).

With all that hunky excitement, you may have forgotten about those other stud-free polls that have popped up in the past few weeks. But don't worry, we're here to remind you.

We tallied up the results and are bringing you the most popular opinions when it comes to which celeb has the dumbest followers, the pros or cons of a little plastic surgery, Chely Wright's big outing, and which Disney darling is going to get their bash crashed first.

On to the results:

1. La Lohan isn't inspiring tweets of genius.

While Twittermaniacs Kirstie Alley and Kim Kardashian may not tweet brilliance themselves (as one reader complained, "I had to unfollow Kirstie, and I'm about to unfollow Kim...ANNOYING!") it was Lindsay Lohan's Twitter cohorts that more than half of you decided were a few screws loose.

And scientifically—or whatever reasoning Stupid Fight goes by—Lindsay did beat most of the other contenders, except for K2, whose followers just barely outdumb LiLo's followers.

Of course, there was at least one person who had to take the time to hate on Danneel Harris, bitching "Am I a hater if I say @danneelharris has the worst followers? Yes? Well, I'm OK with that then." Hey, babe—watch out. I'm one of those followers.

2. Plastic surgery is so not the way to go.

Über-hotties Demi Moore and Kate Hudson, with their admissions (and suspicions) of plastic surgery, sparked a debate on whether it was or was not OK to go under the knife.

While some of you sounded off that a little nip and tuck is cool as long as it's not too extreme (you know, like if you have 13 procedures at the same time), half of you were against any procedures, deciding it's better to work on the inside than the outside.

There was an overwhelming consensus though: If a celeb gets something done, just fess up and be honest about it. And if you're looking for a touch-up, one reader knows where to go: "Whoever did Demi's work, it the best in the business!"

3. Chely Wright's coming out was way too pimped out.

More than two-thirds of you agreed with us that country star Chely Wright's People cover coming-out party was hyped into way too big of deal. Again, kudos to the chick for being brave enough to be honest, but the media circus around the announcement was overblown—intentionally, mind you.

One reader wrote what most of us were thinking: "Since she wasn't a big name (oh, come on now, really?) it explains why People mag started hinting about this last fall. They created a huge drama over this to drum up excitement. FAIL!" But another reader makes sure to remind us of the silver lining, "Every openly gay celebrity is a step in the right direction."

Too true, but why can't it be low-key—why does everyone have to get all worked up whenever a star comes out of the closet? All the fuss scares the bigger stars from stepping forth.

4. Miley's house party doesn't stand a chance.

With all these Disney kids snatching up plush H'wood pads, we wondered who you thought would be the first to have their party shut down. An overwhelming two-thirds of you voted for teen queen Miley Cyrus, who is making it very clear she wants to be all grown-up.

Vanessa Hudgens was the only other contender who even made a slight dent in the poll, but she still didn't come close to the über-rebellious Miles. So cross your fingers M.C. keeps her parties classy, instead of, what one reader bitched, was "first prize for Most Likely to Succeed at Hillbilly Debauchery."


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