Dog Bites Man Vanessa Carlton

Popster attacked by pit bull while jogging through her dad's neighborhood

By Josh Grossberg May 07, 2010 8:15 PMTags
Vanessa CarltonStephen Lovekin/Getty Images

UPDATE: Ben Teichberg, the pit bull's owner, was found guilty of failure to confine his dog and fined $100. The dog, Bella, is allowed to return home so long as Teichberg builds a fence.

A veterinarian had testified that a mold of Bella's teeth did not match Carlton's bite marks.

Vanessa Carlton probably wishes she was a thousand miles away when this happened.

The singer-songwriter was attacked by a neighbor's dog while jogging near her father's place in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Ed Carlton told the Scranton Times-Tribune that a pit bull somehow managed to sneak past an electrified enclosure and bit his daughter in the leg as she was out for a run in her hometown of Shohola, about 100 miles north of Philadelphia.

Carlton suffered five puncture wounds and was treated at a local hospital. She is otherwise OK, her dad said.

As for the canine, according to the local animal-control agency, the aggressive pooch, whose name is Bella, will remain in quarantine for 10 days to make sure it doesn't have rabies.

No word on whether the 29-year-old entertainer, best known for her 2002 breakthrough hit, "A Thousand Miles," will press charges or, um, just let sleeping dogs lie.

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