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Cliff Lipson/CBS

Further proof that vampires can never die (especially when they're hot as fire): The CW confirms that they'll be airing CBS' short-lived fangalicious series Moonlight this summer after The Vampire Diaries finishes its first season.

Now, you may ask, why now? Why this series? And is there any chance Moonlight will live on? Here's what I can tell you:

There are no plans at this time to resurrect Moonlight in its original inception, with star Alex O'Loughlin as the lead, because he's already been cast in another project: CBS' new Hawaii Five-O.

While it's only a pilot at this point, I'm hearing from CBS insiders the remake (also starring Lost's Daniel Dae Kim) is looking pretty likely for a pickup, as CBS tries to reel in some younger viewers.

So why is the CW airing Moonlight now? I'm told that the decision was made in part to keep O'Loughlin's fan base chugging along, in the hopes they'll follow him to the new Five-O this fall. (The CW and CBS are all one family, you know.) Plus, maybe you've heard, people kinda like vampires these days? So the ratings shouldn't be too shabby either, and will keep the TV audience busy.

For you die-hard fans who've lobbied for so long, does this sorta-kinda rebirth help lessen the sting, or were you hoping for more? Would you watch Alex on Five-O this fall? We all know CBS shouldn't have canceled Moonlight in the first place (right before the Twilight and True Blood craze hit), but is this the next best thing?

Comment below, and check out Moonlight repeats when they air Thursday nights on the CW starting June 3.


Alex O'Loughlin is bloody awesome...and an Aussie! Rate his American accent in our Sham Yankees gallery!

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