Aaron Kelly Has Best Idea Yet (Seriously) for Simon Cowell Replacement

Eliminated Idol dishes on his future in country music and his choice for Simon's replacement

By Jenna Mullins May 06, 2010 8:24 PMTags
AMERICAN IDOL, Aaron KellyMichael Becker / FOX

Pursue country music he will.

Yes, Aaron "Yoda" Kelly has big plans for his singing career, and they involve lots of twang and "my dog stole my girlfriend and broke my truck" type stuff.

America said goodbye to Aaron last night, although most were sure Casey James would be the one sent packing—including Casey himself. We just chatted with Aaron, who opened up about his future plans, as well as his ideal choice on who should replace Simon Cowell as a judge…

"I think Harry Connick Jr. would fit the bill perfectly," Aaron says of this week's mentor. "He would be a great replacement for Simon. He's very honest and he's going to tell you straight out." As we saw from the footage of Harry meeting the wannabe Idols, he'd probably bring some life back to the competition, what with his humor, sincerity and playfulness. And, of course, his dreaminess. Aaron said the blue-eyed crooner was his favorite mentor, and this is coming from someone who confessed a crush on past mentor Miley Cyrus. "Harry worked so hard to make sure we all shine. During the mentor shoot, they actually didn't air it, but he said my voice was almost angelic."

Aaron name-dropped Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban as his musical influences and as whom he wants to mirror his career after. "Country music is what I grew up listening to; it's what I'm most comfortable with. They have such honest music. I see myself going down that road," he says. Why did I suddenly get the urge to sing "What Hurts the Most"? He was SO close…

No matter, Yoda Kelly is busy writing songs, which he calls his "passion." But first, he's got to graduate from high school. "The [other] contestants have to worry about their performances or the results, but I have to worry about astronomy!" Aaron laughs when describing how he juggled school and singing for millions. So, what's in the stars for this young one? Tour, which will be "good, clean fun," and maybe an Idol prom, which Michael Lynche has reportedly been planning. "With Big Mike, it probably will happen," he assures us. Aaron wants Selena Gomez as his date (cute overload!), and I call dibs on Lee. Dibs!

Although his Idol bubble has been burst, Aaron is happy he went out on a high note, and even he agreed his elimination performance was better than Tuesday's. "I was overthinking it Tuesday night because when I go out there, I want it to be perfect. And in a sense, that pulls you back a little bit. And on Wednesday night, I just let it all go."

Were you excited Idol let Aaron go? Or are you in the "It should've been Casey" camp? Am I the only one who would love Harry Connick Jr. as a judge? Let loose in the comments, and most importantly…I called dibs on Lee for the Idol prom.


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