Are You Calling Fake on the Lost Finale Script "Leak"?

Not so fast—one Lost expert tells us pages look legit; of course, that's just what they would want us to believe

By Joal Ryan May 05, 2010 5:42 PMTags
Lost CastMario Perez/ABC

What if the leak were real—as in a real fake out?

We speak of the six pages purportedly lifted from Lost's finale script and posted over the weekend on the Italian blog Macchianera. If you read them—and if you haven't already, knock yourself out—you'll find them random and ordinary enough to be plausibly real. After all, who'd go to the trouble of making up a fake scene with Rose and Bernard?

Yes, who'd go to the trouble? Maybe—gasp!—the Losties themselves?

The show's powers that be admittedly have been planting fake spoilers for years. Just last month, a stray call sheet from the finale shoot was found at a restaurant in Hawaii. ABC confirmed the "document [was] legit," Defamer reported, but hedged as to whether it was real, as in, yup, the cast really was all "wet" that day, or a real fake, as in a plant.   

Could the latest "leak" be part of a carefully constructed plan to mess with our minds throw us off the trail of the real ending to be revealed May 23?

To be perfectly honest, we have no idea. ABC had no comment on the Italian blog's scoop.

Thanks to Google Translate, we do know that Macchianera says it was given the pages by an anonymous source, and that the site sat on them for two days while it vetted the script and removed the watermark that it says would reveal from which actor's script the pages came.

Lost expert Jon Lachonis of DocArzt's Lost Blog, for one, thinks the pages are "100 percent authentic."

"The dialogue is spot on for these characters, and the writing looks a lot like Damon [Lindelof] and Carlton [Cuse]'s style," Lachonis told us in an email, name-checking the show's executive producers. "The composition and formatting is also industry standard." 

For what it's worth, Lachonis does not think the pages are part of a greater misdirection campaign—he said he doubts Lost intentionally leaked the pages: "They aren't fantastic enough."  

So, are the pages real? Fake? Or real fakes?

Just what we needed. Another Lost mystery.

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