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Dear Ted:
Ever since your January post re Robsten "taking a break," I've sensed trouble in paradise. Maybe a "reevaluating" of the relationship. This last reshoot drama no doubt caused some added tension as Kristen filmed a 16-hour day while Rob had a hissy fit and went to drink with a buddy. Rob also looked less cheery than usual at the airport. Was this the last straw? I'm sensing Robsten is dunzo. Very sad indeed.

Dear Giving Up:
Don't speak too soon there on Robsten. Right after our "they're on a break" post (which was true), Rob and Kristen were spotted together everywhere from New York to London to Budapest. Obviously, the break worked and this rebel couple knows exactly how to keep it going. As for their Vancouver moods, remember work comes first for these two. And work ain't going too well in some areas!

Dear Ted:
Why don't all these actors/athletes, etc., who have extramarital flings follow the Clooney Method? G.C. has said he will never marry but he certainly has his fun. He dates a woman, then breaks up, and you never hear of any of the ladies bad-mouthing George and ultimately no lawyers are involved. If Tiger Woods/Jesse James/David Boreanaz had followed the Clooney method they wouldn't be in the collective mess that they're in. G.C. always comes out looking like a gentleman even though he's a player. It just seems so simple to me.

Dear Have Their Cake, Eat It Too:
Interesting analogy, but the reason George doesn't remarry is a smidge more complicated. Not to say I don't kinda totally agree with you. But take Tiger and David. They want their image to be that they're wholesome, happily married men who are all about family. Especially Tiger. As for Jesse James, well, he somehow was lucky enough to marry above his celeb status. Make that status, period.

Dear Ted:
Is Sock-It-to-You Sleazewad David Boreanaz? If not, does he have more than one entry? I like him. Hate what he has done, but I still watch Angelina's movies, too...

Dear Wrong Sleaze:
Nope, Sock-It isn't D.B. While Boreanaz is no angel, his temper hasn't quite hit Sleaze-Wad status yet.

Dear Ted:
I have never sent in anything to you but I have to ask this one...Is David Boreanaz Stud-Bucket LeBoeuf?

Dear Good Guess:
Stud has higher star power than David. And is much sexier.

Dear Ted:
What can you tell me about Evangeline Lilly? She's super beautiful and very talented.

Dear Lostie:
Team Awful's a fan of hers, although some folks aren't. She's hot and cool, what's not to like? And she's like K.Stew: doesn't give a crap what people think about her.

Dear Ted:
Everyone is always trying to get to the bottom of this "mystery diet" you keep talking about. I know what these superskinny Hollywood stars are eating to keep so slim: nothing. There, mystery solved.

Dear Hungry for More:
It's slightly more involved than that, doll! Some stuff is going into these stars, how else would they function?

Dear Ted:
You are my go-to guy. You must know that the boards are on fire over this very topic: Are Rob and Kristen over? The evidence: Rob shows up late to the reshoot, everything is tense on the set, and he leaves without her. Plus, he's seen partying in London just days before (without his girl!!). What gives? Tell us. We know you know.

Dear Loosen Up:
As we've said, Rob and Kristen know how to work and play (together). The Vancouver tenseness was Eclipse-based. They had very little time to do a whole lot. That's surely stressful. And come on, Kristen isn't a puppy dog! She's not gonna follow Rob to London all the time. So not her style.

Dear Ted:
Two things. First, I just love how you've raised awareness for animal adoption. There are many furry kids who have a loving home, thanks to you. Second, please explain something to me. Chely Wright announced she's gay. I don't know who she is or why her announcement is even important. What I want to know is when did a person's sexuality become everyone's business? I still have hope that in my lifetime, sexual orientation is a nonissue. Do you think it's possible?

Dear Right On:
Is there an echo in here? Hell ya, babe, I'm with you on that. Just don't get why the whole thing has to be so pimped. Again, good for her coming out, but I don't see a reason in it being so freaking hyped up.

Dear Ted:
Between your information and Lainey's, it sounds to me as if things were a bit ugly in Canada. I tend to agree with you that Mr. Pattinson hasn't become a diva. Sounds more like Director Slade is not so nice. Thanks for all the enjoyable gossip. I believe your reporting is much more accurate than most.
Carmel in Minnesota

Dear Believe What You Read:
Who would have thought a year ago Lainey and I would agree on anything? Too weird.

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