Exclusive: Miley Cyrus' "Can't Be Tamed" Video World Premiere!

E! has the exclusive premiere of the pop star’s newest, raciest video to date

By Jennifer Cady May 05, 2010 2:11 AMTags

It's Miley Cyrus' big day! We've got the exclusive premiere of her new music video, "Can't Be Tamed," right here.

The video's been called the "next step in the evolution of Miley," which couldn't be more accurate seeing as how she literally does evolve—into a bird. And not just any kind of bird, she transforms into an Aves Cyrus, a rare species of sexy dancing pop star bird that can't be caged.

The smoky eyes, striking costumes and racy dancing all let us know she's moved beyond "Party in the U.S.A,," but we're not complaining. Aves Cyruses have to be free to spread their wings (and destroy museums—seriously, check it out!). Plus, it really makes us wonder what this means for her new album, dropping June 22. Can we expect an edgier sound throughout?

So now that you've seen it, what do you think of this new breed of Miley? Give us your review in the comments section below!

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