Yes! Sienna and Jude’s First Skank Carpet Appearance

We’re all about the couples at tonight’s Met gala

By Ted Casablanca May 04, 2010 1:03 AMTags
Jude Law, Sienna Miller, Tom Brady, Gisele BundchenLarry Busacca/Getty Images

Just like the underwear they may or may not be wearing underneath, it's the sexy stuff behind the sexy stars that has us most intrigued at the annual Met Gala—you know, the Oscars of Fashion. And even though Kate Hudson (a gal who never wears much underneath) totally killed it looks-wise, we gotta say, it's the couples at the Met who have us most excited.

Two of our fave pairs for different reasons? Sienna Miller and Jude Law, plus Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. But you must know why…

First off, the theme of this year's gala is "American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity." So obviously it's fitting that Sienna's dress is skankalicious (love the low cut). Sienna Miller and "floozy" are kinda synonymous, no?

Really though, it actually warms our sometimes cold hearts to see Miller and Jude Law make their first red carpet debut since getting back together. You know they've been schtupping each other behind the scenes basically since the wedding was called off, right? Or didn't you?

These two Brit-tarts are totally the more talented and relevant version of Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt (who we also believe will eventually get back together). I mean, come on, aren't their personal headlines more relevant than anything they've done recently? Come to think of it, maybe Jude ‘n' Sienna aren't so diff from Paris and Doug, after all.

Watch those bathroom stalls, all you Met janitors!

But, really, from Sienna's ef-me shoes to her actually fabo sex hair and makeup, we just are dying of skank-joy that Jude and Sienna are back. They literally look like they pulled an Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton and totally did each other in the limo on the way to the gala. And we heart them for it.

As for Gisele and Tom? Those two can do no wrong. We used to say that about Kristen Stewart, but we'll get to her in a sec.

How long ago did Gisele have her freaking kid and her body looks like this. Hate her! Yet they are so the classed-up version of Sienna and Jude. Remember, the supermodel and her NFL hubby have had their fair share of tabloid goss (cough, Bridget Moynahan), but they make you forget about it. Like, ages ago. And with fringe and a tush and a hot man like that by her side, who the hell cares what the G girl did before, anyway!

Now, about the K.Stew outfit.  We think she looks better than Carey Mulligan and Blake Lively. But we're not feeling the black Chanel.

We adore K.Stew, wished she didn't look like she got tricked by Nikki Reed's stylist, and we're gonna end it there.


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