Cory Monteith, Selena Gomez

Dear Ted:
You think that Selena and Cory will hook up this summer while shooting Monte Carlo? I think she is a little too young for him. And wasn't Taylor dating the guy? We do know that these girls are good friends and they don't seem to mind sharing boyfriends, right Lautner? But I do think "Corlena" will be a little too weird!

Dear Costar Cuddle Up:
Don't count on Corlena—which doesn't even sound good, and we all know that is the most important part of a celeb hookup—to happen. Even goody-goody Selena wants a little bit more of a bad boy than muy adorable Cory. Sad to say but he'll be only a pal to all his babelicious costars for this flick.

Dear Ted:
I love that Sandra adopted from the United States! While providing a home to any child in need is wonderful, it seems "stylish" to adopt from around the world, but so many children right here at home need families. I can't help but wonder how Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie would get along. Would Sandra hate Angelina? Sandra seems like a girl's girl while Angelina seems the type who is threatened by other women.

Dear Celebrity Fight Club:
I'm sure the ladies could be in a room without a cat fight breaking out, but I don't think they'll be brunching together anytime soon—and not just because they've got different outlooks on where to adopt. The two are totally different, thank heaven!

Dear Ted:
So what location should I set my Manhunt/Adam4Adam profile to catch some Crescent Kumquat? NYC or L.A.?

Dear Location Scout:
Like most big name celebs, C.K. is a jet setter—who says he doesn't need loving on both coasts?

Dear Ted:
I won't pimp my three adopted pets to you again...but do you think that the reaction to Chelsea Handler's sex tape shows that sex tapes no longer provide the scandal they once did?

Dear One Night in Chelsea:
First, you have to remember that, unlike Paris' skin flick, Chels' was for a joke—and that she addressed that. Play it cool and no one cares.

Dear Ted:
You seem to report almost exclusively on Young Hollywood, yet there has to be some dirt on the older, established Hollywood elite. What about Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, and even Meryl Streep? I would love any background gossip about these and other venerated stars.

Dear Veteran Status:
Sure, none of these folks are free of a little dirt, but nothing like what the younger gen is capable of. Whereas these actors are respected for just that—their acting—the new kids feel they have to get attention in other ways. Streep cooks for her husband who she's still faithful to, Pacino plays with his face more than bed partners, Hoffman's married for a billion years, even De Niro's calmed down compared to the womanizer he used to be, sorry.

Dear Ted:
I have 5 rescue cats. I'm a sucker for those little balls of fur that need me. Anyway, I recently watched The Day After Tomorrow for the first time in many years. I knew Jake G was in the movie and Dennis Quaid. But didn't realize Austin Nichols and Emmy Rossum were supporting players. I thought Phantom was Emmy's debut. Which makes me wonder, did Jake, Austin and Emmy become friends during filming? Have they (or any combination of them) stayed friends?

Dear Bromance:
Haven't you heard—Jakey and Sophia Bush's beau Austin are totally BFF.

Dear Ted:
As a gay man, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Sandy Bullock...and Cher. I was so happy that she made lemons out of lemonade. Is it as sincere as it came across to a normal guy like me?

Dear Joe Shmoe:
I totally love her too—one of my H'wood faves, so trust that your love for S.B. is not undeserved, not at all.

Dear Ted:
Peter Facinelli
and Jennie Garth appear to be two of the most devoted and loving couples in Hollywood. Are they the real deal? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Dear Happy Household:
The two are totally adorable when they're together—especially if they have their kids in tow—so you can sleep easy, there's no Brangelina type drama going on behind their closed doors.

Dear Ted:
How much of E! does Jennifer Aniston own? Nary a negative remark comes from here. And you spat bad about Reese W. You act as if she's perfect and Angie is a monster. Why is this? All this glowing publicity is going to make people hate her. I don't want to hate her, I loved her as Rachel on Friends. But nobody likes a Perfect Polly. I've been reading you for years even stuck though the times when I could barely understand you because of the "lingo". But I can't take much more of perfect J.A.
—Not A Perfect Polly Myself

Dear Dirty Mirty:
Jen A is not perfect by any means, but she's totally different than Angie. And I give Jenny grief about her tequila and man-less tanning all the time! But...whereas Angie is high strung and controlling, Jen is just laid back—which is why she is ultimately so much more appealing. Can't hate on the babe for that, can you?

Dear Ted:
Hope you're right about fiftysomething being the new twentysomething; I'll be twentysomething again in five months.

Dear Cougar:
Well go grab yourself a young dude then, cougars are totally in right now!

Dear Ted:
Just wanted to say that, congrats to Robert Pattinson for being named one of Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People in The World!"

Dear Rob Fan:
And People's Most Beautiful People, too—Rob is doing something right. But then we already knew that, didn't we?

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