Lost, Episode 8: Meet Kevin Johnson

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If you have not yet seen tonight's episode of Lost, please wait while an important message scrolls up from this box for you:


If you have seen the ep, then by all means, pin a note to your collar, say your last words, push the pedal to the metal and fly on in here...

"No more secrets."

This line from John Locke near the beginning of tonight's episode spelled out what the writers seemed to set out to do: To reveal a whole lotta things that have been keeping us guessing all season long. Holler!

Though chances are the writers didn't have time to change much of the script once the writers' strike was imminent, nearly every scene of episode eight seemed to scream out: "The strike's a-comin'! The strike's a-comin'! Quick! Reveal a bunch of stuff because we might not have any episodes for a good long while!"

Tonight's Michael/Kevin-centric Lost installment was indeed the last episode produced before the strike, which means we'll need to wait until April 24 (at 10 p.m.) to see what comes next. But thankfully, we do have plenty to chew on in the meantime...

What We Learned

"All of the Oceanic Six Have Been Revealed":  Ben may be another story, but the ABC promo dude don't lie! And so, from tonight's teaser, we know that Claire's wittle bebeh Aaron does most definitely count as one of the six who get off the island. BTW, how genius was it that Damon and Carlton left that spot open for possibly Jin and then for possibly Michael so we'd not really know their fates while watching the last two episodes? Goddang I love this show. 

Ben Isn't Evil. He's EEEEEVILLLLE:  New drinking game! Every time Benjamin Linus allllmost convinces you that he's playing for the "good guys"—but then does something so despicable you want to climb through your screen and squish his little beady eyeballs like peeled grapes—take a nice big swig. Tonight was perhaps the most whiplashing of all such occasions, as he tossed out statements such as:

  • "I do not kill innocent people." 
  • "I will not kill innocent people."
  • "Then Michael, consider yourself one of the good guys."

And then...Whammo! It became clear he was behind the slaughter of two of the most seemingly innocent of all characters on the entire show (and the only two loved ones his daughter has): boyfriend Karl and mama Rousseau. It's obvious now that Ben is simply cultivating mass hysteria and paranoia to make the Losties do what he wants them to do. It's all part of his master plan to control the universe. And he also seemed to not graduate past the "mine!" obsession of the terrible twos.

RIP , Alex's Only Loved Ones:  Karl, Danielle, we hardly knew ye. Well, technically we knew Rousseau a little bit from time to time, and Alex seemed to know Karl in the biblical sense (that's what Daddy was afraid of), but personally, I'm sad to see both these characters go. It also now makes perfect sense why Damon teased the last episode prestrike as having a cliffhanger "along the lines of Michael shooting Ana-Lucia and Libby." Only the good die in pairs, apparently.

Michael Has Reverse Charlie Syndrome:  You think you had it bad, Charlie? Oh really? Well, how about finding out like Michael Dawson did that you are seemingly incapable of doing anything even remotely heroic, and your last-ditch resort—offing yourself—isn't even a viable option because, as Mr. Friendly put it, "The Island will not let you die." WTF? "Let you?"

The big, massive, mind-boggling question, of course, is exactly why and how "the Island" is controlling the Losties' destinies. Who's the man behind the curtain pulling the strings? Jacob? Ben? The black smoke monster? Damon and Carlton? Or perhaps what John Locke would call straight-up fate? Whatever the culprit, it's clear these people have very little control over much of anything at all. Bonus, though: Harold Perrineau now has some nice job security. Congrats, H.P.!

Mr. Friendly's Having a Gay Ol' Time:  Nearly two years after Damon teased, "There is a gay character on the island," we now have his identity confirmed: Tom Friendly himself! He has a male lover! And my, does Mr. Friendly know how to live the refined life when he's not stepping into hillbilly overalls and fake beards to kidnap 10-year-old boys. Sure beats Dharma peanut butter!

Wacky and Probably Wrong Theory of the Day:  Did you notice that Walt's grandma sure looked a whole lot like the woman who asked Miles to get rid of her grandon's ghost in the second episode of the season? And didn't Walt look a whole lot like Casper the freaky ghost as he peered from the window above? According to IMDb, Michael's mom/Walt's grandma has appeared in only one episode of Lost. But according to IMDb, my mom was a costume designer for Charlie's Angels, my dad was a janitor for Merv Griffin and I've appeared multiple times on Howard Stern (wrong, wrong, and oh yeah, wrong), so it's possible Ben is writing that site.

Memory of the Day:  Remember when I said we'd see a little less of Matthew Fox this season? Just checking.

Quote of the Day:  "How was your trip? I figure flying can't be too much fun for you." Bwahahaha. I still freak out flying to Hawaii. Speaking of...

What Lies Ahead

Claire Is in Trouble:  Not only do we know that baby Aaron makes it off the island and she does not, but the promos clearly spell out trouble for the fair-haired mamacita. "The war," as Ben calls it, seems to have begun. (Then again, if Ben the pathological liar calls it a war it's probably more of a bake-off.)

Lost Is Taking a Minibreak:  When it returns April 24, we get an episode written by Buffy alum Drew Goddard, who teased at tonight's Buffy Paley event that the episode is "maybe my favorite thing I've done on Lost, and I've been lucky with all the episodes I've gotten so far." Sounds promising, right?


I'm Heading to the Lost Set Next Week!  If you have questions for the Losties, please take a moment to email them to me at tvdiva@eonline.com. I won't be chatting with everyone, but I will be tracking down whomever I can, and you know I aim to serve! So send those Q's in, por favor.

Check back a little later tomorrow for an exclusive Q&A with Karl himself, Blake Bashoff, who'll be reaching out from the other side, God rest his soul.

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