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Matt Davis has a bone to pick with the Powers That Be over on Vampire Diaries: Why are Stefan and Elena the only ones gettin' it on?!

"Good ol' Alaric definitely needs to get laid," he tells us of the always brooding, erstwhile widower. Of course, we couldn't agree more—especially if it means more Matt, more shirtless!

There really is some cra-zay stuff ahead on The Vampire Diaries, including what sounds like a guaranteed season two for Alaric in Mystic Falls (which—whoo-hoo!—our sources confirmed earlier this week!)...

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. As we reported in this week's Spoiler Chat, if you're hoping for more Alaric in TVD's second season, you might want to do a little happy dance!

"There has been talk and all signs look good," Matt says vaguely. "[But] nothing is 100 percent. The show is like Survivor—you keep delivering and hope they'll still write for you."

That may not sound like a definite yes, but Matt accidentally spilled a whole lotta beans when chatting about his plans to "get ready for next season" this summer. "It's such a grinding schedule—keeps going and going and going and going," he says. "It's really like training for a triathlon, where you just get your focus up and your endurance ready. I look forward to spending my time off getting prepared, physically and mentally." If that's not a big fat yes, we don't know what is.

Oh, and about that "X-rated" stuff, that's all Matt. According to him, Alaric is in the market for a good ol'-fashioned romp in the sack. And while we eagerly volunteered for the role of sack-romperette, Matt's got it handled. "I'm just hoping Kevin Williamson will write a sex scene between me and Sara Canning (Jenna)."

No, seriously. "Tune in to see wild, nasty sex scenes with Alaric and Jenna. X-rated," jokes Matt.

And what happens when his wayward vampy wife, Isobel, returns? It's not pretty. "We decided that the best way to reconcile them is a ménage à trois," Matt jokes...again. (Wow, is it just us or is this guy seriously...never mind.) "No, it's shocking. To see this missing wife of his after so long. Not only is it shocking, but those moments never go the way you expect them to."

"His whole life changed when she vanished," he says, "and he's been searching for her ever since. [To] finally confront the thing he's been looking for? That would turn your life upside down, and it will definitely be a big moment for Alaric."

Long story short, Matt wants there to be more sex on The Vampire Diaries, he wants to be the one sexing people up, and he's got some ladies in mind. The line starts here, missies.

Are you excited to see Isobel's return on The Vampire Diaries? Don't miss the rest of the season, Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.


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