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Iron Man 2 isn't messing—or waiting—around.

One week before opening day, the Robert Downey Jr. superhero sequel is already the No. 1 movie at the box office.

So just how did the heavy-metal franchise pull that one off? Easy.

The movie opened in France and five other European countries yesterday.

Yeah, sorry about that. We couldn't resist.

According to the Hollywood trade papers, Iron Man 2 finished No. 1 everywhere it played, grossing a combined $2.2 million.

The presumed blockbuster should be making even more serious bucks this weekend when it'll be running in 55 countries, per box-office tracker Exhibitor Relations.

If you're an Iron Man 2 fan on these shores, you still have a bit of a campout ahead of you. The movie isn't scheduled to open, or kick off the summer movie season, until next Friday at midnight.

And that's no trick.

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