Nightmare on Elmstreet, Furry Vengeance

New Line Cinema; Summit Entertainment

The weekend is upon us, and once again, the trend-latching, idea-rehashing minds over at those big Hollywood movie studios are vying for a chunk of your hard-earned cash. So what do they have in store for us this week?

This a tough one. Furry Vengeance, featuring activist woodland creatures engaging in comedic yet environment-defending hijinks against an evil housing developer (Brendan Fraser) and his nature-phobic wife (Brooke Shields), hits theaters across the country today. But so does a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, starring Katie Cassidy—who was also a star of the CW's Melrose Place remake. It's all connected!

So which one has your vote? Perhaps you'll see one of the weekend's smaller offerings, like the Chekhov adaptation The Duel, or The Human Centipede, about a mad scientist's quest to create a...human centipede! Or maybe you'll just stay home, forego pants and watch Avatar as James Cameron wanted it to be seen, in two dimensions on a MacBook monitor?

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Movie Poll! April 30, 2010!
New weekend, new movies...what's it gonna be?

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