Kristen Bell

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Kristen Bell is adorable, that's for sure.

We had a short 'n' sweet catch-up sesh with her after she and Robert Verdi gave a trio of ladies makeovers on behalf of Marshalls and Dress for Success' Unlock the Shopportunity campaign. Needless to say, we were happy to hear her thoughts on female empowerment, but we made sure to try and press her on the bigger issues—you know, the Veronica Mars movie, Party Down, Heroes, Parenthood and a particular star of that last show (fiancé Dax Shepard, duh!).

She might be cute, but she's also coy…

While wedding questions were out of the question, we did our best to squeeze from her what we could.

Any news on the Veronica Mars movie? Is it ever gonna happen, and are you still game?
I wish I had news. Still in the process of campaigning to tell Warner Bros. that people would actually see it. I think that as long as you guys keep asking those questions and I keep answering them, Warner Bros. will one day get the picture that everybody does want it and that it will make its money back. I think, truthfully, they're a company and they want to know that they'll make their return back. We just have to convince them that they will.

We know you're coming back on Party Down. Any idea what you'll be doing?
I do know, because I already shot it. It's a lot of fun. I play a very bitchy character, which is so much fun to play opposite Adam Scott, who's obviously amazing. I kind of wreak havoc on that set, which is how I like to do it.

Any word from your Heroes buddies on if it will get picked up?
I haven't heard from any of them. I hope it does. I haven't heard. I wish I had inside info for you!

It's cool. So might we see you stop by Parenthood next season?
I don't know. I'm gonna wait for the phone call.

Dress for Success is about helping ladies feel confident. What do you feel most confident wearing?
Truthfully, sweats and a wife-beater, but that's just because that's usually when I'm home, and I feel very empowered when I'm domesticated. But I also feel empowered when I'm on the red carpet and comfortable. I have a very lucky profession that I get to work with people that have amazing fashion backgrounds, and I get help all the time. That's kind of why I think it's so important—because I know how that makes me feel—to share with other women, because it really can change you from your darkest day to your happiest day when you put something on and you feel confident. It changes your whole attitude.

So, you heard the woman. Warner Bros. needs to hear from you Veronica Mars fans that there is interest in a big-screen version. If you love V.M., show your support in the comments below!

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