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If working with wannabe supermodels isn't terrifying enough, "Miss J" Alexander found himself in the middle of an airplane bomb scare yesterday while flying from Paris to Atlanta.

The America's Next Top Model judge and runway coach was among the 235 passengers on a Delta flight that was diverted to Maine on Tuesday afternoon after a passenger, Derek Stansberry, reportedly claimed to have explosives in his shoes.

Miss J says he sensed something was wrong when...

For no apparent reason, says Miss J, passengers were asked to buckle their seatbelts because of turbulence, even though there wasn't any.

"All of a sudden the flight attendants had this look that was too perfect. You could see fear in their eyes," Miss J just told me. "All of a sudden the lights came on and they were like, 'Everyone, please give us your blankets and pillows.' Something was up because we had at least another three hours of flying time."

It turned out that four federal air marshals were covering Stansberry's boots and a laptop to barricade them just in case a bomb actually did go off.

The plane quickly changed course and landed in Bangor, Maine, where law enforcement authorities "stormed the plane" and took Stansberry into custody, Miss J said. The flight crew then announced there had been a security breach, but everything was now OK.

Miss J and the rest of the passengers had to spend the night at a Bangor hotel. He finally arrived in Atlanta earlier today, just in time for an appearance on Mo'nique's talk show.

Stansberry, 27, is reportedly a decorated Air Force veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He faces up to 20 years in prison if he's found guilty of interfering with the flight and five years for pretending to have a bomb.

"I don't want to experience that ever again," Miss J said. "It does take a bit of your soul."

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In much lighter news, The Hills may have another 24 episodes instead of a mere dozen.

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