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Dear Ted:
I've got two questions (about unrelated things) for you. First, the official question for any Supernatural fan (even if you're not, I'm dying to know anyway!): Who do you think is hotter, Jared P or Jensen A? And second: Is our mean guy Judas Jack-Off a single man? Kisses!

Dear SuperStars:
Both Jensen and Jared are totally hot, but, I'm more of a Jensen fan myself, looks-wise. And regarding Judas, no, technically, he is not.

Dear Ted:
So I heard Sandra Bullock is filing for divorce and there's an adopted baby, Louis, that's been in hiding for a little while. Did Sandra learn this trick from our man Toothy Tile himself? Is there a connection somewhere in this weird little Hollywood world, or just perhaps word of mouth through some famous close Texan friends?
—Too Much

Dear Secret No More:
Yep, Sandy has filed for divorce and is a new mama of adorable baby Louis. Sandy kept the new baby a secret 'cause she didn't want to subject him to all the paparazzi that were around her during awards season and then the cheating scandal. SB and Toothy aren't from the same Hollywood breed—at all.

Dear Ted:
If you think sexuality is really screwed up in America, why don't you try not to play into that skewed view? Alexander Skarsgård is very comfortable with who he is and always has been—why not just celebrate someone who has no issue acting whatever scenes organically make sense in a story without trying to co-opt his statements? He's not sending you coded messages. You're the first one to say there's no reason to think he had anyone specifically in mind when giving dating advice—he's not serious with Kate Bosworth and he's being generic to avoid giving the gossips anything specific to run with—a losing proposition in Hollywood. Why not let Alexander speak for himself—he's no shrinking violet—instead of deciding to interpret him for your own agenda? If people had fewer agendas about sexuality, whatever their position, we'd all be a lot freer to express ourselves.

Dear Code:
I'm not playing into that skewed view, just provoking some thought about some very ambiguous statements. More power to him for not blabbing about whoever he is dating, at least he's not a famewhore. And by the by I love how comfortable he is. That's my way of celebrating it!

Dear Ted:
I love you and your blolumn. And your animals. You're the best out there. I have a question though. Why is Simon Baker missing from People's "Most Beautiful"? How is that possible? Nobody is more beautiful than he is.

Dear Lists:
He is pretty delicious, isn't he? Who cares if he is not on that list if he is on the top of yours, isn't that what matters?

Dear Ted:
I'm curious: Didn't Tila Tequila claim to be pregnant? I have seen recent pics and there is no sign what so ever of a pregnancy. So did she lie about The Game and all the other dudes she claimed to be the baby daddy? Can't she be sued for that?

Dear Crazy Pills:
Tila Tequila did indeed claim to be pregnant, and then she claimed to have a miscarriage.

Dear Ted:
Is Lea Michele as nice as she seems? I sure hope so.
—Forever Smiling

Dear True Glee:
Lea's a doll and we hope she stays that way! But, more on her later.

Dear Ted:
I have been watching for years now the horrendously scary lifestyle that Lindsay Lohan has been living. Does no one in her family give an honest damn about her as anything except being a cash cow? Good God Almighty, what do people expect of her? She has trailer trash-esque parents who only care about getting their own names in the news and don't spare a second thought about their daughter. Her parents are both douchebags. As a parent, I would do anything in the world to protect my child from whatever issues they are working through. My 20 year old son knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that I love him to death and would put my life on the line if it would save his. Does Lindsay have one—just one—person who will support her come what may? Sorry? Am I hearing my voice echoing here? Sorry to say, but I think I am. BOTH of her parents are douchebags.

Dear Hollyweird:
It pains us too to see just how much of a loser this girl has become, she had so much talent! Someone needs to actually intervene, and we doubt it will be someone that is related to her. Oprah?

Dear Ted:
I know I'm a pain, but in catching up with your Q&A, I notice always the ones about Nicole Kidman not being a good mother or not feeling close or whatever it is that her issue with her older kids are, but I look at it from the viewpoint, she was very young, in love with a major movie star, couldn't have children (or whatever), and chose to adopt. My history is similar, and I am unable to have children, thought about adopting, then went for the animal children.....I just wonder if I had adopted at that age, would I have been a good mother? Can it just be that some people who think adoption is going to be the answer, end up just not being able to make that connection? Is that a bad thing? Or is it something you struggle with hoping in time to have that connection. I am glad I chose animal babies and they are hard enough!

Dear Something More:
You're right, sometimes it is tough to be a young mother. But N.K. was 25 and rich and had the option to spend a lot of time with her kids.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens? Are they really that happy or are they just playing nice for the cameras? You've said you don't think they'll last, why not?
—Just askin'

Dear Young Love:
Zac and Vanessa appear to have it all, don't they? They're young, famous, and rich, not too shabby of a life to be living! But these two have their issues, trust.

Dear Ted:
You recently said that it was easier for a person who is in music to come out than an actor. I think you might be true except for one big closeted genre: Country. Would you agree there are some pretty big name country performers who are gay or bi and that to come out would be career suicide?

Dear Music:
No way—country singers only sing about booze and love. I don't think same-sex love would make it that different. A country singer would have a way easier time coming out than an actor.

Dear Ted:
I am quite sure you did not mean to jump into the mommy wars by extolling the virtues of the stay-at-home-mom and imply how difficult that is. Want to know what is much more difficult, working full time while raising children? Both my husband and I work full time and he goes to grad school at night! We also have 2 rescue dogs (one from the terrible place that was the subject of the HBO documentary "Dealing dogs") The next time you want to applaud parents of humans, please do not limit your applause to the lucky upper-middle-class women who can afford to stay home! Most parents work and we are doing a damn fine job raising children as well!

Dear Agreed:
You go, girl! And my apologies if you misconstrued my intent, which was to stress that being a mom is always challenging, regardless of anything.

Dear Ted:
I have only recently came across your column/section, and believe me, I feel like I have missed out a lot all these times. So, could you help me catch up with what I've been missing by answering this: Does Angelina Jolie have any girlfriends or any friends at all for that matter? She is always pictured with either Brad or the kids, which makes me wonder if she gets along with other people besides her family. I haven't had the opportunity to adopt a pet because my apartment doesn't allow them, but I'm moving out soon and am hoping to get a dog from the shelter, hope that counts.

Dear Not So Popular:
Angelina is more of a boy's girl, you know, the girl in high school who all the girls hated but all the guys loved? She's got that outcast thing going for her, and most of her inside circle are members of the male sex.

Dear Ted:
Do you think there is something going between Ed Westwick and Felicity Jones?

Dear Break Up:
These two are co-starring in the movie The Chalet Girl—but that is the extent of their relationship. Ed's too famous to be downgrading from his GG costar to an up and comer like Felicity, darling. We'd like to see him break-up the Penn Badgley and Blake Lively relaysh!

Dear Ted:
I have been a longtime fan, thanks so much for your always on-the-mark dirt! In reference to the much-discussed "mystery" diet, are SJP and Renee Z fans? SJP especially of late is looking mighty fragile.
—Observer in Cincy

Dear Tiny:
SJP has always looked frail, but we do prefer her when she looks like Carrie Bradshaw—a bit better than how she looks in her real life, don't you think? And as for the mystery diet, you saw how Renee has been looking lately, right?

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