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Oh, that Sandra Bullock. So crafty. So discreet. So, what else is she hiding?

To be honest, it's hard to top today's twin bombshells that: (1) she filed for divorce five days ago from "Bombshell" expert Jesse James; and (2) she adopted a baby boy three months ago.

But we efforted, and came up with some other Bullock tidbits that may have eluded your radar:

She Owes It All to The Facts of Life: Or, rather, she owes it all to Jo, aka Nancy McKeon. See, in late 1989, McKeon dropped out of Working Girl, a high-profile TV spinoff of the hit film of the same name. Bullock, who only had a handful of credits at the time, heard about the opening, auditioned—and got her big break.

A League of Their Own Is Her Favorite Movie: This is actually a guess on our part, but League star Lori Petty—she was Geena Davis' kid sister—clearly plays a crucial role in Bullock's career. In 1993, Petty was let go three days into shooting on the big-budget Sylvester Stallone movie Demolition Man. Bullock was called to step in. It was full Speed ahead from there.

She's Ahead of Her Our Time: So, you think Oprah Winfrey gets enlightened credit for showcasing Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi's wedding video on her show last fall? Bullock hosted a gay wedding at her house…in 1995.

She's Obsessed With Thongs: All right, obsessed is a strong word. But Bullock does have a thing for them. In the late 1990s, she talked about how her dream was to "stand on the front of my boat in a thong." A decade later, she was still going on about the underwear that's barely there, calling it "the greatest invention." She even wore a thong to the Oscars one time. That we know of.

Her Mom Prepped Her for the James Mess: Bullock's mother, Helga, died in 2000 and never met James, but it sounds like she gave her daughter the playbook for how to deal. Here's Bullock recounting her mother's advice to the Associated Press in 1994: "Make your own ways because what if you're married to someone, and all of a sudden he dies? Or he leaves you? You don't need a man to get you where you want to go."

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