Sure, Jessica Simpson may chat about dating with Ellen DeGeneres on her show today, but let's focus on a topic we can really sink our teeth into, shall we? Namely, the singer's own choppers and her penchant for not brushing them.

"Well, not all the time," Jessica tells Ellen. "Maybe three times a week."

She then goes on to explain the reason behind her oral hygiene habits—or lack thereof.

"My teeth are so white and I don't like them to feel too slippery. But I do use Listerine and I do floss everyday," she admits. "But I don't brush them everyday. I'll use a shirt or something."

And with Jessica, when it comes to matters of the mouth, well, it doesn't stop there…

"I am addicted to Nicorette gum," she revealed to Jay Leno on Tuesday's Tonight Show.

Mind you, the singer doesn't smoke. Nor has she ever tried it. But, once again, there's a method in her madness.

"The first time I ever chewed Nicorette gum, one of my close friend's mother gave it to me. I think she thought she was giving me a piece of Dentyne Ice or something," she says. "So I'm chewing it, and it's like a party in my mouth. It's like fireworks. And I'm like talking a million miles an hour and I'm like, I love this gum, what is this gum? I have to have this gum! And it's Nicorette and it gives me energy. It's like drinking three Red Bulls."

There you have it. Potential suitors—and dentists—take note.

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Jessica has also been known to go without makeup too. What do you think?

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