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Chris Colfer is nothing short of genius in just about every episode of Glee, but in tonight's emotional, bawl-your-eyes-out hour, "Home," he pretty much knocks it out of the park.

How, might you ask? We'll let Chris do the talkin' since we were kind enough to catch up with the star and ask him ourselves. You're welcome...

"Home" basically consists of three things Kurt: his unrequited love for Finn (Cory Monteith); his inner struggle with whether or not his amazeballs dad, Burt (Mike O'Malley), truly accepts him; and Kurt and Finn attempting to tear their parents away from the budding love between them. Sad, sad stuff, indeed, but done tremendously well.

"It's very emotional—probably the most emotional [yet] for Kurt," Chris tells us. But as we'll come to see, our favorite Broadway-lovin' New Directioner will make it through the trials on "Home." "Kurt is so strong. He's more concerned with being OK in his dad's eyes than with anyone else. And that relationship definitely gets stronger. Some of the best stuff is coming up for it."

Chris is the first person to praise his onscreen dad, noting that it's the real-life relationship he's developed with Mike that makes their scenes such standout ones.

"It's amazing how much we just connected just right off the bat," says Chris. "And really, we've only actually been around each other for seven calendar days, so it's pretty cool that we can have that much chemistry onscreen. Burt is just a cool dad. He's just a great dad. Probably the best on TV." All together now...awww!

Chris tells us Burt and Kurt's bond "just gets stronger and stronger," and if you need a hankie to get through tonight's episode—which you will—you'll a need a few more before the season's end. "There's a storyline that will top 'Preggers' and 'Wheels' completely, emotion-wise."

And while Kurt's going through the pangs of teendom before our very eyes, Chris is experiencing one of the most meaningful times in his life, thanks to the role he's been given.

"I've had so many young boys and girls write to me and explain their situation where they live in environments that don't accept who they are," he told fans at last night's Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Glee panel, before fighting back tears and saying: "Just knowing that...being on a television show that is awarded and praised so much, but having material like that that affects so many people in such a sensitive and emotional way is the greatest award any of us could have."

See? If you weren't already head-over-heels in love with Chris Colfer, aren't you now? Tune into Glee tonight at 9 on Fox to see "Home," which also guest stars Kristin Chenoweth and boasts and equally moving and incredible performance by Amber Riley (Mercedes).

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