Mindy McCready, Baseball Mistress DVD


Remember that unauthorized Mindy McCready sex tape? Not so unauthorized. In fact, E! News has a document that makes it seem very, very authorized.

Vivid Entertainment has come up with, and shared with us, what appears to an authentic, notarized consent form signed by one "Malinda G. McCready" (Mindy's real name) on Jan. 13, 2009.

Yep, 2009.

According to the model release and ID verification form, "Malinda McCready has been paid for all sex tape footage."

The formwhich McCready's lawyers have wasted no time in challenging the legitimacy ofalso lays out what is included on the tape:

"Mindy McCready...eating dinner, relaxing and having sex. Mindy McCready is a country star. Both where [sic] over 18 when recorded. Footage is 2 hours, 40 minutes long."

That that's two hours and 40 minutes too long, according to Team Mindy.

"Mindy doesn't believe she signed those papers," attorney Adam Dread tells E! News. "And if she did, she was in no condition to make those kinds of decisions."

One month before the form was signed, McCready was hospitalized for a suicide attempt. The day after, McCready was hospitalized again, this time with alcohol poisoning. During the same stay she fell into a coma and was released 11 days later. Hardly a state in which she could be expected to make a sound decision, Dread insists.

While the John Hancock appears to be genuine McCready, her attorney isn't so quick to concede the point.

"Anyone could go online to see what her signature looks like. Mindy's been around long enough; she's been in the business long enough. Why would she sign these papers without  a lawyer? And for no money? It's just a model release form."

But while Dread says he and McCready are already plotting legal action against whoever sold the tape to Vivid, the porn purveyors have no intention of letting the purportedly blockbuster footage collect more dust.

Aside from her apparent oncamera sexcapades, the X-rated Mindy McCready, Baseball Mistress purportedly features some postcoital commentary from McCready on her other, more famous alleged hookups, including Roger Clemens, Dean Cain and Alan Jackson.

"We acquired the video last year," Vivid head honcho Steven Hirsch says. "It was a very appealing package to us because not only is the footage exciting with very hot sex, all of the paperwork was in order and we knew we were getting a completely legal product.

"We do, in fact, have the rights to this material, and we fully intend to market it. Our door will always be open to Mindy, and she should feel free to contact me anytime."

He might want to wait by the phone. The video is now set for release on May 4.

—Reporting by Lindsay Miller

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