We get that not all of you love Taylor Swift.

When a star ascends to her level of fame, there are bound to be lovers and haters. But really, when she does cute stuff like this, how can you diss?

Back in January, Auburn University students Michael Wekall and Ryan Leander began a quest to get a little lovin' from the country cutie and started the website A Hug From Taylor Swift to show their determination. They posted videos and such with pleas for a squeeze.

In March, Swifty caught wind of it and posted a video of her own, challenging the Alabama boys to do good deeds like help old ladies cross the street to earn the hugs. Wekall and Leander took to Facebook and Twitter and created a video of people all over the world providing such chivalry on their behalf.

She played hard to get and challenged them again...

They had to create another video of themselves doing good deeds, but incorporate her lucky number. Again, they followed the order, appropriately posting the video on April 13.

Yesterday, she made good on her promise.

Wekall and Leander urged their fellow students to meet them in a conference room for a special karaoke session.

As the crowd was nearly finished with the "You Belong With Me" sing-along, Taylor interrupted the video...and then stepped onstage wearing a "Hug from Mike and Ryan" shirt.

After the requisite hugs—and even kisses on the cheek—Taylor said she was lucky to have them in her life. Her band eventually joined her onstage and they played a few songs to a screaming and surprised house.

"So we might have flown to Alabama for a surprise show today," she tweeted. "One of those unforgettable days. Thank you Auburn!"

Seriously, how can you not love that?

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If she were to hook up with one of those gents, our fun Young Love gallery would be thrown for a loop!

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