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Elin Nordegren may be so over Tiger Woods, but is Tiger over his estranged wife, too?

We hear the divorce is still "100 percent happening," and if you didn't already know, Tiger is pretty much to blame for that one.

But it's not just the mistresses that solidified T and E's fate...

"The writing is on the wall," says our well-versed source close to all things Tiger. "He committed to several additional golf tournaments, which effectively says eff you, Elin. She was not in support of him returning to golf. His self-imposed hiatus didn't last long; he screwed up big-time at the Masters and has left his calm, cool, collected image in ruins."

Our insider, who has dealings with Woods both professionally and socially, believes an official divorce announcement is seconds away. But we're told that exactly how the divorce will be announced has potential to be quite the battle between Tiger and Elin.

Dishes Deep Tiger:

"Even [the divorce] will be negotiated. Does [Tiger] take the high road and 'allow' her to file, or can he not stand the idea of people thinking he wasn't in control? What will the statement say regarding custody? Right now, you'd think he'll be bargaining for joint physical custody when she'll surely want to piss him off and file for sole custody. And spousal/child support? I daresay things are about to get even juicer now."

OK, T.W., seriously, if you have any respect for your family and want to salvage your future relationship with your kids, please please please take the high road.

Perhaps we're giving the golfer too much credit, but we think Elin will be the one to file. After all, if Tiger is the one to file for divorce first, that certainly isn't going to help his PR comeback one damn bit. Elin definitely needs the one to get the final say...in print. Don't you agree?

Not sure if we're ready for newly single Tiger Woods to hit the dating market.

Then again, Paris Hilton is available now...

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