Still not sure how this whole Xtina Comeback thing is going to go. She will debut the music video to "Not Myself Tonight" this Friday. This is a photo from that, and the outfit's looking awfully familiar. Then there's the above interview where she tries to act all LOL diva while rocking a Rihanna mohawk and talking nonsense. Gotta step it up!

Will we ever get enough of all these "Before she was Lady Gaga..." stories? As long as there are scandalous pictures, probably no!

Does Justin Bieber have a tattoo???! This kid is so hard-core. That is also a great link if you just can't get enough shirtless Bieber.

Whitney Houston just can't nail those crazy high notes of "I Will Always Love You" like she used to. Sad.

• Enough with Lady Gaga, M.I.A.'s epic eight-minute music video for "Born Free" is all the talk on the Internet today. It's NSFW and extremely violent, just to warn you.


Halle Berry's always looking so pretty! Check her out in our Big Pic gallery.

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