Avatar, Zoe Saldana

Twentieth Century Fox

Now this is what we call cleaning up your environment.

Already the biggest move ever, James Cameron's Avatar is now smashing home video records, becoming the year's top-selling title after just four days in release.

Fox reports that the blue-man group has sold a whopping 4 million copies on DVD and 2.7 million on Blu-ray (making Avatar the high-def format's fastest-selling release ever) since hitting stores on Earth Day, for a grand total of 6.7 million units, topping the previous mark of 6.5 million set by New Moon and banking a cool $130 million.

That's a pretty astounding number considering the Avatar disc was released in 2-D without any bonus features. Many fans indicated they would boycott the movie until a presumed multidisc 3-D version comes out next year, after Cameron and Fox reissue the film with six minutes of new footage.

That's also 130 million more reasons to get cranking on a sequel.


Avatar just makes us want to check out E! Online's Movies From the Future! gallery.

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