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There are plenty of places we could imagine glammy Pammy Anderson being happy to hang. Pam could be be shimmying down a runway in a barely-there bikini, shaking her stuff on the dance floor in a slit-up costume, protesting alongside PETA in, well…probably a PETA T-shirt. But slumming it in a trailer park is not one of those places we envision our fave Dancing With the Stars honey.

So consider us, dare we say…dubious, when we hear that Pam is treating her two-year stint living in a mobile home like it's some sort of paradise vacation.

What the heck is up with the buxom blonde?

"[Pam] has been living in a mobile home (and loving it)," Anderson's manager Peter Asher explains to E! "Her house is being renovated—a process which (as so often seems to be the case) has been fraught with all kinds of difficulties including legal issues."

According to Asher, Anderson has been living in the mobile home for the past two years since deciding to completely transform her traditional Malibu house to a more contemporary design, dropping $4 mil on the place—and, let's be honest, a gal doesn't spend that kind of dough if she's content with factory-built walls and a bed that flips over into a table.

But the diva has bigger problems than making sure her trailer doesn't roll away while she's sleeping. Besides racking up those multi-mil renovation fees and owing numerous contractors mucho bucks, Anderson owes California more than $493,000 in back taxes.

Yikes—her poor pocketbook. But Pammy's people think things will be smooth sailing soon.

According to Anderson's tax attorney, "Pam is currently in the process of resolving these tax liabilities and the entire tax debt should be resolved within the very near future."

Helps to have a little boost in cred from DWTS, no? "Since [the show] has been on, I have been getting so many offers and inquiries about Pam that it is hard to be sure what will be happening next—but a lot for sure!" Asher gabs. We expect nothing less of the hardworking mommy.   

But get her back to where she belongs—her plush Malibu mansion. Because let's get real: No trailer's got closet space big enough for this hot mama's spicy belongings.

Additional reporting by John Boone


For more on Pam's trailer-park life, check out E! News. But where the heck would Pam keep all her clothes in a trailer? Consider her many looks in our Red Alert! Pamela Prowls the Carpet gallery.

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