Sandra Bullock's Razzie in the Mail

Oscar winner's rep sends trophy back after hubbub started by Razzie organizer

By Josh Grossberg Apr 24, 2010 12:24 AMTags
Sandra BullockDan Steinberg/AP Photo

After causing some ridiculous drama with super good sport Sandra Bullock, the folks behind the Golden Raspberry Awards should be happy to know their vaunted trophy is officially on its way back.

"It's been returned," Bullock publicist Cheryl Maisel tells E! News, following through on her promise. "Once I knew they wanted it back, we got it back and we just had to get an address and now it's on its way."

Razzie cofounder John Wilson kicked off the kerfuffle last weekend, when he was quoted (he claims out of context) in the U.K.'s Telegraph saying he was "ready to take the unprecedented step of asking a winner to return a Razzie"—that winner being Bullock for her Worst Actress turn in last year's All About Steve.

As the story went, Bullock was given the original Razzie and left before Wilson could swap it with a $5 replica.

And guess who gets our prize for Worst Case of Timing...


Sandy may not have done herself any favors with All About Steve, but she had a good enough year to wind up in our 2010 Oscars: Notable Nominees gallery!