David Hasselhoff, Pamela Bach

Darby Shaw/ZUMAPress.com, Chris Delmas/ZUMAPress.com

David Hasselhoff's ex is going to jail, but not quite directly to jail.

Pamela Bach was sentenced to 90 days in jail, a two-year driver's license suspension and a $2,100 fine today for a November DUI. Bach was initially sentenced to 30 days in jail, but because she was already on probation for another DUI, she was ordered to serve an additional two months. She's due to turn herself in on May 3.

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"Thank you to everybody for their out poor [sic] of support, and I appreciate the respect to me and my family, as this is a personal matter," she said in an online statement.

Bach's rep tells E! News exclusively: "Pamela wants the public to know she is doing great. She is taking care of her kids and has gone over and beyond what the courts have asked her to do. She has gone to AA meetings, worn the bracelet and she has stayed sober.  Pamela made a mistake and paid the price. She stayed a good mom and a good person."

While Haselhoff and Bach's two daughters live with her, it remains unknown where the girls will stay once their mom's locked up.

Hasselhoff's attorney declined comment.

However, a source close to the family tells E! News that despite the sentencing, Bach "remains positive no matter what" and that she and the Hoff "are still figuring everything out."


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